White seems to be the go-to color these days, and using white to decorate is definitely on-trend.  It gives a clean and bright look to any space, and goes with just about anything, so what’s not to love?  The possibility of creating a clinical, hospital-like feel, that’s what.

When you want to use white in your bathroom, without running the risk of creating a sterile, cold environment, read on to find out the best reasons to go white:

  1. Create a backdrop for architectural details and plumbing fixtures.  If your bathroom has interesting details like beams, or a beautiful tub, use white walls to show them off.
  2. Brighten up the space.  If you don’t have much natural light in your bathroom, using an all-white color scheme can bounce the light from your light fixtures all around the room, creating a brighter space.
  3. Make the room feel larger.  A small bathroom can feel cramped, but when you use an all-white scheme, it can appear much more spacious.  Go for a cooler white when you really want an expanding effect.
  4. White can handle texture and pattern.  If you start with a white canvas, you can play with fun textures and tile without creating a noisy space.
  5. Play up warm and rich materials.  If you have a home with plenty of wood trim, or enjoy decorating with characterful wood pieces, then a white color scheme is perfect.  It will pair with your pieces to create a warm, modern feel.

What about you?  Do you love all-white bathrooms?